REDCON STEEL is a leading company in metal works of all kinds such as Steel Structures, Plate Works, Temporary site office (caravans), handrails, fences, garbage chutes for its commercial products and over head cranes.


Our handrails epitomize safety intertwined with design precision. From staircases to walkways, these steel guardians ensure stability while enhancing architectural aesthetics. Functionality and elegance unite, making our handrails essential companions for every journey.

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Temporary Offices (Caravans)

Our Temporary Offices (Caravans) offer indispensable solutions tailored for ongoing construction sites. Flexibility meets functionality, providing on-site workstations that adapt seamlessly to project demands.

These mobile sanctuaries ensure operational efficiency, making them a cornerstone for any construction endeavor.

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Customized Solutions

Our diverse services, from Steel Structure building to Access Hatches and more, are just the beginning. Elevating beyond, we specialize in crafting bespoke solutions that precisely fit your business needs and specifications. Let us transform your concepts into reality, combining expertise and innovation for unmatched results. Your vision, our mission!